• To uncover and develop your vocal profile, your unique sound. 
  • To help you create and define your process for doing-so (ie. teaching you how to practice).
  • To provide you with the strength, stamina and flexibility you will need for 8 shows a week / recording / rehearsals.

When we begin working, the focus is on your breath and support coordination. This can prove a bit tedious, but after 6 to 8 weeks, it begins to be a habit and, eventually, reflexive. You become a flow of energy to make sound. 

Once breath and support coordination becomes routine, we move on to work on the voice itself. Be prepared for wacky exercises but the purpose will always be explained. These will make you stronger, free your instrument, expand your stamina and color palette. They may involve ugly sounds or distortion. The studio is a safe environment for this.

A voice lesson with me is always a dialogue. Your input and perceptions are vital to the process. Asking questions is encouraged!

Let's sing,
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